NTU Bio-Tech


Student Paper (Master)

Student ID
R07642001 Novel DNA Methyltransferase 3-Like Isoforms in Meiotic Male Germ Cells: Beyond Epigenomic Modulation Jen-Yun Chang Shau-Ping Lin 2020/08
R06642010 Isolation and screeing of lactic acid bacteria strains with antiviral and probiotic potential Yang-Ming Chen Je-Ruei Liu 2020/08
R07642005 Comparative analyses of two Bacillus sp. isolates (B. velezensis EN01 and B. amyloiquefaciens WF02) and evaluation of their biocontrol effects in the presence of edible Asteraceae plant extract. Yi-Lin Chen Chi-Te Liu 2020/07
R07642014 Generating Argonautes (AGOs) antibodies and investigating AGO2 functions in suppressing post-transcriptional gene silencing Pedro Arthuro Santa Cruz Peralta Shih-Shun Lin 2020/07
R07626026 Identification of Cas9 gene in Lactobacillus reuteri Pg4 and investigation of the role of ATG genes in PTGS suppression through CRISPR/Cas9 knock out approach Qian-Wen Shang Je-Ruei Liu/Shih-Shun Lin 2020/07
R07642012 Screening of potential lactic acid bacteria strains with the ability to reduce the absorption of cholesterol by Caco-2 cell model Yu-Han Chiu Je-Ruei Liu 2020/07
R05641019 Antiviral Potential of Kefir and the Bacterial Strains Isolated from Kefir Grains Wan-Ping Chang-Liao Je-Ruei Liu 2020/02