NTU Bio-Tech


Student Paper (Doctoral)

Student ID
D98642005 Epigenetic deregulation of DLK-DIO3 imprinted locus and the differentiation potential of human embryonic stem cells Chu-Fan Mo Shau-Ping Lin 2015/07
D98642001 Establish of zebrfish as an animal model for Tauopathy reserch and drug screening Bo-Kai Wu Chun-Che Chang/Chang-Jen Huang 2016/07
D10642002 Keratin-based biomaterials for tissue engneering and cell engineering application Che-Wei Lin Kuo-Long Lou/Jiashing Yu 2018/12
D97642006 Identification of differentially expressed genes and demonstration of long-duration muscle dedifferentiation during limb regeneration in axolotls Cheng-Han Wu Hsuan-Shu Lee 2015/06
D96642006 To study the regulation of cell signaling in lung cancer cells:1.The role of phosphorylated Akt in mitomycin C induced adverse responses. 2. Self-regulation of semaphorin 6A in apoptosin Cheng-Ying Shen Mong-Hsun Tsai 2017/01
D98642002 The role of 14-3-3σ in regulating cell migration and invasion of hepatocelluar carcinoma Chia-Chia Liu Li-Ying Sung/Jun-Yang Liu 2016/07
D01642003 Investigation into the regulation of IMPDH and CTPS cytoophidia by metabolism in mammalian cells Chia-Chun Chang Li-Ying Sung 2016/06