NTU Bio-Tech


Student Paper (Doctoral)

Student ID
D01642012 Genome analysis and fermentation optimization of plant growth promoting strain Rhodopseudomonas palustris PS3 Kai-Jiun Lo Chi-Te Liu 2020/07
D01642006 DNMT3L Reinforces chromatin surveillance to resist senescence progression Chih-Yun Yu Shau-Ping Lin 2020/07
D02642004 The exploration of phytoplasma-mediated leafy flower and investigation of the effects of viral P1 on HC-Pro-mediated gene silencing suppression Sin-Fen Hu Shih-Shun Lin 2020/07
D03642006 Investigation the functional role of c-Kit/phospho-prohibitin in ovarian cancer stemness and chemoresistance Chia-Hsun Fang Shu-Mei Liang 2020/06
D01642010 Functional and Mechanistic Studies of Type VI Secretion Systems in Azorhizobium and Agrobacterium Hsiao-Han Lin Chi-Te Liu/Erh-Min Lai 2020/01
D01642001 Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Interventions in the Treatment of Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Yi-Ru Chen Mong-Hsun Tsai 2019/07
D97642005 Cellular and molecular mechanism of exogenous glucocotricoid-induced osteoporosis Yu-Hsu Chen Shinn-Chih Wu 2019/06
D99642013 Arg-201 on hemagglutnin is required for H6N1 avian influenza virus to bind with host cells Ming-Shou Hsieh Rong-Huay Juang/Je-Ruei Liu 2019/05