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Student Paper (Doctoral)

Student ID
D96642007 應用新興生物技術改善BCG疫苗效價實驗及HCV基因分析檢測平台 (Improve the potency assay for BCG vaccine and HCV genotypeing assay by novel biotechniques 楊依珍 Yi-Chen Tang 蔡孟勳 2014/08
D97642014 酵素在醣類的合成、水解及重組 (Enzyme in carbohydrate synthesis, hydrolysis and remodeling) 蔡宗義 Tsung-I Tsai 翁啟惠 2014/03
D97642008 SSEA-4抗體的開發與應用於胰臟癌之研究 (Development of anti SSEA-4 antibodies for targeting pancreatic cancer cells) 林志偉 Chih-Wei Lin 翁啟惠 2014/09
D96642011 BMP4/WNT3A誘導與 OCT4/EpCAM篩選可促進人類胚胎幹細胞分化為生殖細胞 (BMP4/WNT3A induction and OCT4/EpCAM selection facilitate germ cell differentiation from human embryonic stem cells.) 莊靜玉 Ching-Yu Chuang 林劭品 2012/07
D95642001 絲氨酸蛋白酶抑制蛋白E2在精子獲能作用與卵子成熟過程中所扮演的角色 (The roles of the SERPINE2 protein in sperm capaciation and oocyte maturation.) 呂仲浩 Chung-Hao Lu 林劭品 2014/01
D97642009 類3號DNA甲基化酶於小鼠雄性生殖前驅細胞之恆定維持與分化調控的角色 (The functions of DNMT3L in spermatogonial progenitor cell homeostasis and differentiation) 廖虹富 Hung-Fu Lin 林劭品 2014/06
D95642003 類3號DNA甲基化酶促進形成表關基因修飾蛋白複合體抑制反轉錄病毒活性 (DNMT3L facilitates assembly of a repressive epigenetic modifying complex for retroviral silencing 高資皓 Tzu-Hao Kao 林劭品 2014/08
D98642005 DLK1-DIO3基因體銘印區域基因表現與人類胚胎幹細胞株分化潛能之關聯性 (Epigenetic deregulation of DLK-DIO3 imprinted locus and the differentiation potential of human embryonic stem cells) 莫居凡 Chu-Fan Mo 林劭品 2015/07