NTU Bio-Tech


Student Paper (Doctoral)

Student ID
D97642014 Enzyme in carhydrate synthesis, hydrolysis and remodeling Tsung-I Tsai Chi-Huey Wong 2014/03
D97642008 Development of anti SSEA-4 antibodies for targeting pancreatic cancer cells Chih-Wei Lin Chi-Huey Wong 2014/09
D98642009 Glycoengineering of antibody (Herceptin) through yeast expression and in vitro enzymatic glycosylation Chiu-Ping Liu Chi-Huey Wong 2018/01
D01642012 Genome analysis and fermentation optimization of plant growth promoting strain Rhodopseudomonas palustris PS3 Kai-Jiun Lo Chi-Te Liu 2020/07
D01642010 Functional and Mechanistic Studies of Type VI Secretion Systems in Azorhizobium and Agrobacterium Hsiao-Han Lin Chi-Te Liu/Erh-Min Lai 2020/01
D99642002 Axis formation and endosymbiotic regulation of germline development in parthenogenetic and viviparous pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum Yi-Min Hsiao Chun-Che Chang 2018/08