NTU Bio-Tech

Jen-Chih Chen
Job Title Associate Professor
Name Jen-Chih Chen
Office Tel No. 886-2-3366-6013~14
Email jchchen@ntu.edu.tw
Research expertise Plant defense, Molecular Biology, Bioenergy
Year Paper Title
2016 Cell disruption of Chlorella vulgaris using active extracellular substances from Bacillus thuringiensis ITRI-G1 is a programmed-cell death event, (SCI)
2016 Transcriptome and physiological analysis of a lutein producing alga Desmodesmus sp. reveals the molecular mechanisms for high lutein productivity, (SCI)
2014 Optimization of virus‐induced gene silencing in Catharanthus roseus, (SCI)
2013 EBARDenovo: Highly accurate de novo assembly of RNA-Seq with efficient chimera-detection, (SCI)
2013 Genotyping of human neutrophil antigens (HNA) from whole genome sequencing data, (SCI)
2013 The NPR1 ortholog PhaNPR1 is required for the induction of PhaPR1 in Phalaenopsis aphrodite, (SCI)
2013 Auxin influences symptom expression and phytoplasma colonisation in periwinkle infected with periwinkle leaf yellowing phytoplasma, (SCI)
2012 Quantitative assessment of mitochondrial DNA copies from whole genome sequencing, (SCI)
2011 Phytoplasma-induced floral abnormalities in Catharanthus roseus are associated with phytoplasma accumulation and transcript repression of floral organidentity genes, (SCI)
2011 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Ornamental Plants, (Others)
2009 Virus-Induced Gene Silencing for Functional Characterization of Genes in Petunia, (Others)
2008 Chen JC, Hsieh SI, Kropat J, Merchant S., A Ferroxidase Encoded by FOX1 Contributes to Iron Assimilation under Conditions of Poor Iron Nutrition in Chlamydomonas, Eukaryot Cell, pp541-545, (SCI)
2007 Flower Senescence, (Others)
2006 Molecular changes occurring during acquisition of abscission competence following auxin depletion in Mirabilis jalapa, (SCI)
2005 Silencing a prohibitin alters plant development and senescence, (SCI)
2005 Functional Analysis of Genes Associated with Flower Senescence, (SCI)
2005 Potential Application of Virus-Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) in Flower Senescence Studies, (SCI)
2005 Recruitment of CRABS CLAW to promote nectary development within the eudicot clade, (SCI)
2004 Chalcone synthase as a reporter in virus-induced gene silencing studies of flower senescence, Plant Molecular Biology , (SCI)